RESURRECTION FACTS TO BE RECKONED WITH Whatever one believes about Christ and his resurrection, everyone has to admit that something significant happened on that morning – significant enough to alter the course of history. That “something” was so dramatic that it completely changed 11 men’s lives, enabling them from that time on to endure abuse, suffering and even death. That something was an empty tomb!  If you wish to rationalize away the events surrounding Christ and his resurrection, you must deal with certain facts.  Let’s consider these historical facts for a moment: Fact #1: The Roman Seal Was Broken On Easter morning the seal that stood for the power and authority of the Roman Empire was broken. No one denies this fact. The stone [in front of the tomb] could be sealed only in the presence of the Roman guards who were left in charge.© 2009 Josh McDowell Ministry and Sean McDowell, Chapter 6 ” - Christian Apologetics /Josh & Sean McDowell

The Resurrection is Real.