The United House of Prayer for All People of the Church on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith is an evangelical Christian group founded by Marcelino Manuel da Graça, also known as Charles Manuel Grace. Da Graça was born in Brava in the Cape Verde Islands.  In 1919, Grace, with his own hands, built the first United House of Prayer For All People in West Wareham, Massachusetts, and incorporated the United House of Prayer for All People in Washington, D.C. in 1927. According to church literature and their official website, the United House of Prayer for All People has 145 places of worship in 29 states. The church has an estimated membership of 27,500-50,000 members. The national headquarters for the church is located in Washington, D.C. at 601 M Street. The United House of Prayer for All People runs soul food restaurants that serve the communities and holds annual "Christian Saints" marching parades in honor of its past bishops.” - Church History

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