GTM Promotions is an independent record label. We seek accomplished performers that could have made it with Motown in some area. GTM is a very strong marketing organization reaching thousands of people by media each day. We have over 100 distributors for artists music. GTM has a net work of churches seeking live performers for special occasions.

These are the services we provide:

1.Song writing

2.Song arrangements

3.Recording Studio

4.Studio Musicians

5.Publishing & Copyrights


7.Legal Help

8.Royality Collections

9.Domestic & International Tracking


11.Artist Develop Program

12.GTM Contracted Artist Program

GTM would like to take your talent to the next level.


President Esco Yancey,Jr.

CFO Raine Mitchell

Legal Consultants

Attorney Willie Darby

Attorney Thomas Fitzgerald

Art Ashley Montero

Studio Snow Hill  Music

Mixer Hubert Dean

 Music Critic Al Norwood

Accounting Sherry Prince

Sound Rodney Jenkins














Music Customers

5 Download purchases  can connect your organization to our link page.

7 Download purchases can connect artists to our music page {upon review}.

5 Download purchases required for Ministers to post a sermon {upon reviewed outline}.