Random Thoughts

Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.

 In the past six months, I've frequently complained that developing events, consequential to the administration of #45, leave us inundated and overwhelmed with negative outcomes of his governance or lack thereof.  Weekly, I attempt to give an enlightened perspective on a newsworthy and timely topic; but I'm often conflicted and feel that selecting only one topic does my readers a disservice.

For anyone concerned with the national welfare, these past three weeks have been emotionally draining and the source of sleepless nights.  For others, events have occurred with such amazing speed and volume that they can't keep up with them.  For that reason, this week I'll offer opinions on a variety of topics that impact on the well-being of my community.

#45's Long Island Speech - There's indisputable evidence of a difference in police treatment of ethnics and whites.  Among his inappropriate comments, #45 gave tacit approval to police to physically abuse the "animals" (of color) they arrest.  His statements were so egregious and inconsistent with "proper" law enforcement procedures that they were disavowed by leading law enforcement executives.  I'm hopeful that we won't see additional incidents of unwarranted police violence against persons of color.

Remediation of the Current Opioid Epidemic - I remember the first Godfather movie.  In a meeting of the Dons to strategize criminal activities, one said words to the effect that they should only "sell the drugs to the Niggers and Spicks and let their souls go to hell."  Disparate treatment of addiction has been an ongoing issue in the management of criminal activity - as a case-in-point, the sentencing disparities between powdered and crack cocaine.  Opioid addiction has also been a problem in minority communities; but, now that it's an unmanageable problem in white communities, the hue and cry are for enlightened treatment instead of incarceration.

The DOJ Assault Against Affirmative Action - Most people don't remember that it was Richard Nixon who initiated Federal Affirmative Action Programs to remedy historic and institutional racial (and gender) discrimination.   Under AG Sessions, the DOJ has launched a program of filing lawsuits against colleges and universities whose Affirmative Action initiatives discriminate against white people.  I've always held that "reverse racism" is a myth, but that myth is being codified at the behest of an alleged racist.

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